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The Archway Planter

Syngonium Maria (Arrowhead)

Syngonium Maria is a beautiful leafed plant, featuring glossy leaves of burgundy green leaves on deep red stems. It’s easy to care for and is a nifty little air-purifying plant. If you give it a nice bright spot, away from direct sun, it can grow pretty quickly. You can either let it trail or trim it back to keep it compact.

Plant Care

  • Best located in medium to bright indirect light.
  • Water when the top 1-2 inches of the soil is dry, the leaves may also noticeably droop when it's time. Watering will be less frequent in colder months.
  • Syngonium's love high humidity, pop in the bathroom whilst you shower to give it an extra boost.
  • This plant is toxic if ingested.

Maria comes in either a ø6cm/ø14cm diameter nursery pot.

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