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The Archway Planter

Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle

Streptocarpus 'Pretty Turtle' is a fairly new addition to the African Violet family. These plants are able to bloom with trumpet like flowers, but they're really grown for their highly contrasted furry leaves, reminiscent of a turtle shell.

Plant Care

  • Best located in bright indirect light or a place which gets gentle direct morning sun. In Winter months you can move to a fuller direct sun¬†location whilst the light conditions are not as strong.

  • Water when around the top 2 inches of soil has dried, prefers to be kept on the drier side.

  • Normal room humidity is fine for this one. Refrain from misting and avoid getting any water on it's leaves.

  • Yay! This plant is non-toxic to pets and people.

Pretty Turtle¬†comes in a √ł17cm nursery pot.

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