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Soil Ninja

Soil Ninja - Base Mix

An unspecialised mix that is suitable for a vast majority of houseplants. This blend is also a fantastic base to build off of to specialise towards your plants specific needs by adding different components.

This mix is 100% peat free and contains high quality Coco Coir, Worm Castings and Perlite which covers the three core properties all soils should have - drainage, nutrients and aeration. Some plants need different balances of these, which is where specialising can come in. 

Ways to specialise the growing media:

Sand: 10-20% of total soil volume

- Allows soil to dry quicker

- Improves Drainage

- Suits plants with finer roots

Bark: 20 ‚Äď 50% of total soil volume

- Creates a chunkier and more organic mixture

- Adds structural strength to pot for taller plants

- Great for tree climbing species

Vermiculite: 10-20% of total soil volume

- Creates a water retentive mixture

- Extra aeration

- Great for thirsty plants that hate to dry out

Zeolite: 10% of total soil volume

- Acts as a nutrient storage site in the soil

- Absorbs impurities that build up in the pot over time

- Aerates the soil

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