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The Archway Planter

Sansevieria 'Futura Superba' (Snake Plant)

Sansevieria TrifasciataĀ 'Futura Superba' has sword-like leaves with yellow edges that makes a statement on its own or mixed with other plantsĀ alongside contrasting leaf shapes. Snake plants are wonderful air purifiers and can tolerate some levels of neglect which makes them great for people with busy schedules!

Plant Care

  • Best located in bright indirect light. This one can actually handle a few hours of gentle direct sun or lower light conditions.

  • Being a succulent, only water when the soil is 100% dry. When it's time water thoroughly and drain away any excess water. Keep the leaves dry and wipe off any water.

  • This plant is toxic to people and pets if ingested.

Futura Superba comes in a Ćø12cm nursery pot.

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