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The Archway Planter

Evergreen Multi-Purpose Compost 10L

Versatile Compost Mix - Our top-tier, nutrient-packed compost promotes robust growth for plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables at any stage of development. This multifaceted blend is suitable for various applications, including as a seed starter, potting mix, or vegetable compost.

Robust Growth - Jumpstart your plants and flowers with our seed-friendly compost formula. It features a uniform, free-flowing structure that guarantees consistently positive growth outcomes, making it a go-to solution for general gardening needs.

Nutrient-Enriched Composition - Expertly formulated, our compost provides an ideal growth medium for a diverse range of plants. It contains sufficient nutrients to sustain your crops for up to six weeks. Additionally, its water-retaining properties help prevent your plants from drying out during hot summer days.

High-Quality Ingredients - Crafted from premium-quality sphagnum moss peat, our garden compost is rich in nutrients and offers a well-balanced environment for various gardening activities.

Ideal Applications - This all-in-one compost is perfect as a planting soil and shines equally when used in beds and borders, hanging baskets, containers, or for sowing seeds and rooting cuttings.

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