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The Archway Planter

String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii)

Ceropegia Woodii has got us tugging at our Heartstrings! Most of this plant's leaves are shaped like little hearts, it's stems are very long and will keep on growing which makes it a fantastic hanging trailing plant. 

Plant Care

  • Bright indirect sunlight is ideal. They can also grow in lower light situations but at a slower pace.
  • Being a succulent let the soil mostly dry out between waterings. Be careful not to waterlog the soil and you can be extra sparing in colder months.
  • Ceropegia woodii's are comfortable in most household settings and don't require extra humidity.
  • Yay! This plant is non-toxic to pets and people.

Ceropegia's Vines is approximately 20cm-30cm long and comes in an ø8cm nursery pot.

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