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The Archway Planter

Cebu Blue Pothos

Cebu Blue Pothos is a beautiful vining plant that produces dreamy blue tinted leaves. It's a quick growing plant that can trail up or down. It's easy care nature makes Pothos plants a great choice for beginner plant parents!

Plant Care

  • Best located in medium to bright indirect light, with higher light locations you'll find more fenestrations appearing in new growth.

  • Water when at least the top 50% of soil is dry, pothos plants are slightly drought tolerant so can handle a missed watering now and then. Yellowing leaves are usually a sign of overwatering so keep an eye on that.

  • Will be fine in normal household humidity but appreciates slightly higher levels. 

  • This plant is toxic if ingested.

Cebu Blue comes in a ø12cm nursery pot.

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