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The Archway Planter

Aloe Arboescens

Please note: this plant is available for collection only from our Holloway shop

The aloe is a low maintenance wonder! Forming rosettes of frosted leaves, Aloe Arborescens is able to bloom in the Summer with vibrant red flowers, giving it it's nickname the torch aloe.

Plant Care

  • This succulent will enjoy bright indirect light - direct sun. Just be sure to acclimatise the plant to any intense sunshine.

  • Only water when the soil is 100% dry, then water thoroughly and drain any excess water away. If unsure then it's always better to wait some more days, then check again.¬†You can reduce watering even further from September - March during the dormancy period.

  • Avoid locating in humid environments.

  • These plants¬†can be toxic if ingested, keep especially away from cats.

Arborescens¬†is approximately 45cm tall and comes in an √ł20cm nursery pot.

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